Monitor Arm Experiment: A Week-long Test of Monitor Arm Use.

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    Over the past week, we selected two of our company’s employees to test the use and non-use of the monitor arm product. The results found that within a week, employees who used the monitor arm and those who did not use the monitor arm had significant differences in office status, neck health, and desk cleanliness.

    Employees who use the monitor arm to work can adjust the height and angle of the monitor at any time during office work, and can easily find the most comfortable working posture for themselves; while the employees who do not use the monitor arm, due to their height and seat height, need to If he keeps his head down or head up to work for a long time, his neck will start to feel tired and painful from the beginning, and he can only last for an hour or even half an hour on the last day. Not only the neck but also the back and waist begin to feel discomfort and pain.

    The employees who use the monitor arm for office work make full use of the backspace of the desktop when installing the monitor, and a lead box is installed under the extension arm, which can be used to sort out the cables of the monitor, so there is a lot of extra space on the desktop, not only can be used to plan and place more things but also will not feel messy at all. However, employees without a monitor arm have already taken up most of the desktop space when placing the monitor, the desktop is small and cluttered, and the cables of the monitor are disorganized. “I’ve had a very depressing week,” said Jason, who doesn’t use a monitor arm.

    Test summary: The monitor arm is ergonomically designed, which can well meet people’s vision requirements, posture requirements, and space requirements in the office, and we found during the test that compared with the original computer monitor stand, the monitor arm seems to be more in line with The aesthetic requirements of modern people.

    What parts do you need to install the monitor arm: The installation of the monitor arm is actually not complicated, the tool parts required are very simple, like these. If you buy this product, we will give you a complete set of installation tools to avoid your installation troubles.

    Monitor Arm Installation Tutorial

    The most popular monitor arm recommendations: Dual Arm Desktop Mount Extendable Laptop And Monitor Arm Bracket For Monitor(DW-EV2-OL-3LA)

    This monitor stand is available in two colors, silver, and black. It can accept LCD monitors of less than or equal to 27 inches and laptops of 11-17 inches through the VESA (75mm*75mm/100mm*100mm) interface and can bear the weight of the monitor from 0-9kg, which supports clamped desktop installation (requires a desktop thickness of 2-6 cm).

    100 pieces minimum order, there are large coupons, you can customize your own logo.

    Client feedback: it is a 100% reliable provider. Miss Rebecca is very friendly and attentive to answering the questions. I will do business with them again very soon.

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