Installation-free Desktop Clamp Table Slide Rail Keyboard Tray

Model No.: KT-003-3

Material: MDF + Cold Rolled Steel

Color: Black, White, Light Walnut, Maple, Teak

Weight: 3.5kg

Size: 80*29.5*9cm cm


This clamp table slide rail keyboard tray is made of eco-friendly plate with texture;

This clamp table slide rail keyboard tray can be washed directly with water;

Its height can be adjusted and has wider adaptability;

The corners of the panel are arc-shaped, which can prevent scratches well;

It can be directly clamped on the table and tightened without any tools;

It can be installed in two parts, which is convenient and simple.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 29.5 × 9 cm