Convertible Adjustable Work Converters Lifting Desk

Model No.: SDC-B08-2
Color: Black, White
Materials: Density fiberboard, PVC blister, iron pipe spray
Weight: 11.2kg
Size: 80*55*(6~39.5)cm
Feature: 1.Easy to fold, convenient storage, do not occupy space; 2. Beautiful, light and portable; 3.X-type lifting structure, strong bearing capacity; 4.Ergonomic design makes your office more comfortable.



This adjustable work converters lifting desk can be used immediately after unpacking, no installation is required;

The starting height of the desk converter is 6cm higher than that of the desktop, and there is no need to raise your arms while typing while sitting; the height can be raised up to 40cm, and it can be used for both sitting and standing, catering to more height conditions;

The work converters lifting desk adopts a pull-up lifting handle, which can be hovered at will, and you can easily pull up the handle to start lifting, and it will stop when you release it;

Using the “X” type lifting structure, the X type both sides will be lifted vertically at the same time, and the position of the whole lifting process will not shift;

The base is equipped with 4 plastic foot pads, so you don’t need to be afraid of scratching the table top, and the anti-skid makes the table top more stable;

The work converters lifting desk uses high-quality hydraulic springs, which store energy during the lifting process, provide assistance, and play the role of shock absorption and buffering, so that the lifting is smooth and smooth.

Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 65 × 11 cm