Ergonomic Non-Perforated Under Desk Adjustable Keyboard Trays

Model No.: KT-002-1

Material: MDF + Cold Rolled Steel

Color: Black, White, Light Walnut

Weight: 3kg

Size: 55*27*12.5cm


This under desk adjustable keyboard trays is free of punching and can be used directly without installation. It is not only stable, but also the desktop is intact and beautiful.

Convenient under desk adjustable keyboard trays, get rid of the mess on the desktop;

The distance can be drawn out to 25cm, which can effectively keep the distance from the display and protect the eyes;

This under desk adjustable keyboard trays can support 25kg, stable and not shaking;

It can be easily stowed to the bottom of the desk, freeing up more space for the desk and more storage space.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 27 × 12.5 cm