Desktop Perforated Dual Screen Computer Monitor Arms

Modal No.: EV2-5005

Material: Cold Rolled Steel

Color: Black

Weight: 2.9kg

Panel Size: 10*64*10.5cm

Application: 13-32 inch monitor


1. This monitor arm adopts ergonomic design, can adjust the viewing distance, and the viewing angle can be changed at will with different postures;

2. It can rotate 360° and keep the line of sight parallel to the display;

3. Unique head-down prevention design, easy to adjust the pitch angle, can support 32-inch monitor;

4. Using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the strength and toughness are 3-5 times that of ordinary steel plate, and the bearing capacity of the bracket is stronger;

5. The back panel is easy to install with a plug-in type, and the height of the display can be fine-tuned about 5mm; 

6. Adopt thicker pipe wall and thicker pipe diameter, with sufficient materials, and the display is more stable;

7. The diameter of the chassis is large, the contact area with the desktop is large, and the bearing capacity is stronger;

8. The perforated installation method can save space on the desktop and make the desktop more tidy.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 10 × 64 × 10.5 cm