Desk Shelf Folding Single Monitor Stand

Model No.: EV1-M5A

Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS

Color: Black

Weight: 1.78kg

Size: 44*15.5*26.5cm

Application: 17″-27″ monitor and TV


1. This monitor arm can be raised and lowered, allowing you to sit or stand while working;

2. The thicker column is used, which is more stable and durable;

3. Adopt the cable harness design to make it more concise and beautiful overall;

4. Adjust the pitch angle to make the vision more comfortable;

5. It can stretch back and forth to adjust the viewing distance;

6. The monitor arm can be switched between horizontal and vertical screens and supports 360° rotation;

Single Monitor Stand7. 2-7kg load-bearing, use makes the head not sink.

Additional information

Weight 1.78 kg
Dimensions 44 × 15.5 × 26.5 cm