Aluminum Elevated Double Layer Laptop Stand -LP1019

Model No.: LP1019
Materials: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Silver, Black
Weight: 463g
Size: 60*6*4cm
Adjusting Gear: 9+6


1.  This double layer laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy material, making it more sturdy and durable;

2. This double-layer laptop stand adopts a double triangle design and dual adjustment modes of 9+6 gears, which can be adjusted to different heights according to your own height and sitting posture, allowing you to get rid of the soreness of spinal discomfort;

3. This double layer laptop stand uses high-quality non-slip silicone pads to increase friction, making you more stable and not shaking during high-frequency typing, which can effectively protect your laptop;

4. It is stable and does not shake, light and portable, foldable and easy to store;

5. Its bottom is hollowed out, which can enhance air circulation and speed up the heat dissipation of the notebook computer;

6. This double layer laptop stand can be applied to all mainstream laptops on the market.

Additional information

Weight 0.587 kg
Dimensions 30.3 × 4.2 × 7 cm