Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Spring Mount Monitor Laptop Arm Holder

Model No.: SA2-V6-2S-T
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Silver, Black
Weight: 8.5kg
Load Bearing: 3-11kg
Application: 17-32 inch monitors and 10-15.6 inch laptop
VESA standard: 75mm*75mm/ 100mm*100mm


1. This monitor laptop arm holder is available in silver and silver colors, suitable for 17-32 inch monitors and 10-15.6 inch laptop;

2. Its built-in mechanical spring does not leak air, there is no safety hazard, it can be used 200,000 times, and the warranty is ten years;

3. Comfortable hand feel, and the lifting adjustment can be silent;

4. The bearing range is 3-11kg, and the bearing capacity is stronger;

5. The lift adjustable range is 285mm, the elevation angle is adjustable at 90 degrees, the depression angle is adjustable at 25 degrees, 360 degrees of free rotation, and free to hover;

6. The upper and lower cantilevers of this monitor laptop arm holder are equipped with cable ties, which can hide cables and make your desktop more tidy;

7. There are two installation methods for this monitor laptop arm holder: clip-on and perforated; the clip requires a desktop thickness of 1-8.5cm, and the perforation requires a desktop thickness of 1-6cm.


Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 19.5 cm