Multi-Purpose Desktop Monitor Arm to Meet the Various Needs of Customers

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    Universal rotating lifting desktop monitor arm, can help solve people in the home or commercial office operating computer encountered in a variety of technical problems, its ergonomic design, can prevent the health problems caused by work fatigue, improve work efficiency, with the ideal space for life and work. Desktop monitor arm, has been widely used in retail, entertainment, finance, medical, transportation and other fields; Products cover single screen, double screen, large screen splicing screen and other categories. In our inquiry the customer expressed his interest in this type of monitor, and then I made a presentation to him.

    universal rotating lifting desktop monitor arm

    This universal rotating lifting desktop monitor arm is made of aluminum alloy or carbon steel material, diagonal fastenings fixed, and the four sides of the diagonal clip have protection device, and computer contact parts have this protection device to protect the computer, there are beam line device. At the same time, the desktop monitor arm has a mechanical spring, which is more stable and lasts longer. During the conversation, I learned that the client works for the Swiss Poker Association, building poker tables for players to play on tablets.

    Through sending product pictures and using videos, he found that the display stand met his requirements in both appearance and function, and placed an initial order for 20 pieces as a sample order.In addition, the customer also wants a tablet holder as a test sample. Actually we only provide the monitor arm, and the customer wants the accessories.In order to show our sincerity of cooperation, we are willing to provide the customer with this accessory. At the same time, we proposed some of our ideas to the client, such as printing the poker logo on the monitor arm, which would be very attractive.

    It also leaves a deep impression on the player.The customer agrees with our idea very much and says that they will do so in the next mass shipment. So we are not only the supplier of ergonomic home office furniture supplier, we will also stand on the customer’s point of view to make a better choice for customers.


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