Monitor arm articles: how to choose between health and work?

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    Every day, we are also living being that depends on our health to survive in this world. But most of the time, we are just ordinary people who are inseparable from fame and fortune. In other words, when KPI encounters shoulder and neck diseases, how to choose, there is no need to choose.

    The occurrence of shoulder and neck diseases is mostly caused by improper posture in the office. Long-term bowing or looking up, and the line of sight cannot be kept on the same level as the monitor, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of shoulder and neck diseases. How to do it? A monitor arm helps you balance health and work issues.

    The biggest function of the ergonomic monitor arm is to use its rotation, tilt, and height adjustment to help you improve your sitting posture and avoid shoulder and neck diseases, back diseases, or myopia caused by improper sitting posture. Especially when you are taller or alternate between standing and sitting at the desk, it will be your best choice to equip your desk with a monitor arm that can adjust the height and angle at will.

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    An ergonomic and beautiful monitor arm, consider this monitor arm: GSA1-M1A

    This product is made of aluminum alloy, ABS, and iron base materials, with a VESA interface (75mm*75mm, 100mm*100mm) on the back, which can carry a 2-9 kg monitor or a 17-27 inch monitor screen.

    If you choose to customize this monitor arm in bulk, we will deliver it to you within 15 working days by sea, ground, or air, with discounts, logo, and box customization services.

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