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    As people pay more attention to health and ergonomics, monitor arms have gradually entered people’s field of vision and become a necessity in life and office. The most important function of the monitor stand is to adjust it at will, including angle, height, and distance. Let’s put it this way, you can place a screen at will, and then the screen will be fixed when you let go. This way you can freely match your sitting or even lying position. Make office more relaxed and comfortable. So I want to recommend a good Monitor Arm for you.

    Dual Monitor Arms
    Dual Monitor Arms

    The model of this monitor arm is GSA2-G200DA which is a dual monitor arm for gas spring. This model has two colors: black and Silver, The surface treatment of the black one is spray plastic, and the surface treatment of the silver one is stoving varnish. The whole body of this monitor arm is mainly made of high-quality aviation aluminum, and the ABS shell protects the arm, Not only ensure the flexibility of use, but also ensure the stability of the product. High-quality gas spring used inside. In addition, the most special point of this product is that its single-arm load-bearing capacity can reach 2-13kg. So it can support the large and heavy screen. And The pitch angle of this monitor stand is ±45°, the rotation angle is ±90 °and the swivel angle is ±180 °. Moreover, This Monitor Arm is complies with VESA standard of 75 mm/100 mm hole spacing provides for easy mounting to the Monitor arm, there are two ways to mount the monitor stand: Clamp and Grommet. Besides, the installation of this product is also very simple, You can install it according to your needs.

    So, It can be seen that the quality of this product is excellent. Our Australian customer Andrew Tran said after purchasing this product: ‘’The quality and experience of this product have far exceeded my expectations. Good products have brought me good sales! I will continue to repurchase this product.’’

    This is the end of the introduction of this excellent monitor stand. If you are interested, come and order.


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