Traditional office furniture has been on the decline due to the explosion of Covid-19. More and more people are choosing to work from home, which has caused sales of traditional office furniture to decline for a time. So traditional furniture practitioners, on their websites and in their shops, have been quietly replacing more add-ons to make up for the decline in office furniture due to the epidemic.

LP1018A laptop stand

Leo is a 20-year veteran of traditional furniture from Bulgaria. Having experienced traditional furniture at its peak, the decline in sales over the last two years has led to a very poor business situation. So to alleviate this situation, Leo started looking for peripheral products to sell as a package for some customers, a one-stop collection. Customers can not only buy desks on his website, but also ergonomic monitor arms, laptop stands, CPU stands. Not only does it increase sales, but it also gives the customer a better experience and solves the ultimate problem of difficult and complex purchases for them.

EV2-OL-3LA Monitor Laptop Stand Arm

I have recommended three types of stands to Leo, the LP1018A laptop stand (made of aluminium alloy), which is very stable and of good quality, with a cloth bag that can be carried in the bag at any time when travelling. The EV2-OL-3LA Monitor Laptop Stand Arm (made of aluminium) is available in black and silver, and its main function is to fit not only a monitor but also a laptop, making it a good choice for customers who travel a lot and need to use a laptop. PGSA2-OL-2ZA (Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Dual Monitor Stand Arm). This model is more suitable for technical personnel and design, need to use two monitors customers.

PGSA2-OL-2ZA (Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Dual Monitor Stand Arm)

These three products cover all the people who need to use the computer stand, but of course we have a very large selection of models available, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to expand your range.