Are monitor arms better than stands?

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    As a peripheral product of the IT industry, the monitor arm is a combination of artistic aesthetics and modern technology, and its use in Europe and the United States has become a modern office trend. Looking back on its history, it is not difficult to find that the monitor arm is designed to improve office efficiency and human-machine operation experience as its design concept and to create its functionality as the main design purpose. But nowadays, in general, the monitor stand in the traditional sense also occupies a certain market share in the international market.

    Laptop Arm Monitor Stand

    So compared to the two, which one is more suitable for the modern office trend?

    We did a customer survey, and on a global scale, quite a few companies are still stuck in the use of old-fashioned monitor stands and haven’t recognized and started using monitor arms. However, the old-fashioned monitor stand cannot adjust the height and angle to meet the needs of human vision, and long-term sitting and bowing will inevitably lead to spinal problems, shoulder tension, and myopia.

    The monitor arm was designed and manufactured with 360-degree free rotation and 180-degree free height adjustment, striving to adapt to ergonomics, improve the sitting posture of the human body, keep pace with the times, and improve office efficiency. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the monitor arm will gradually replace the monitor stand, and it will also be popularized to all groups or individuals in need worldwide in the future.

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