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Ergonomically Adjustable Laptop Stand
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    Technology changes life, so that life shines more brightly. For people who use laptop computers for a long time, the spinal cord is under tremendous pressure, which can easily lead to hunchback, spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal disorders, osteoarthritis, muscle aches and vasoconstriction and other health problems. Experts pointed out that the key to this series of problems is that the position of the notebook display is too low and the keyboard is too close to the body. The ergonomically adjustable laptop stand makes the office more comfortable.

    Ergonomically Adjustable Laptop Stand

    Dewin aims to provide customers with more comfortable office furniture. This ergonomically adjustable laptop stand (LP1065A) has a durable aluminum body and a sturdy structure that can stably support your computer. The rubber pad can effectively protect the equipment from scratches and sliding. The stand can flexibly adjust the height of the laptop screen up and down to achieve a better ergonomic design, thereby minimizing neck fatigue.

    This ergonomically adjustable laptop stand is very popular in the US market. Our US customer is very interested in this stand. He bought a sample during the purchasing festival in March. After receiving the product, he gave us a very good feedback based on this sample. And praise our quality and service. At the beginning of April, he wanted to buy another 200 pieces of this laptop stand, but the customer had his own brand, so he wanted to print the logo on the product and customize the packaging. The minimum order quantity for customized packaging is 1000 pieces. When the quantity is small, it is difficult to customize the packaging. If you place an order of 1000 pieces, you can customize the packaging for free. However, the customer only wanted to place 200 pieces for the first trial order. After communication, the customer was provided with a plan. The 200 pieces were custom-packaged for the customer, and the cost of the customized box would eventually be returned to the customer. The client accepts the offer and the transaction is finally concluded.

    Therefore, Dewin will give our customers bigger support, try our best to meet all the needs of customers, and strive for maximum benefits for customers.


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