LONGWIN carefully and constantly evaluate our impact on the Earth. This is the reason we create our eco brand “dolphineco” to product development and manufacturing embodies our mission to minimize our impacts. We believe that the best designs in the world achieve more with less, so we act accordingly. Dolphineco products prioritize simplicity, which is apparent in their forms.

For making dolphineco a better brand, using fewer parts and recyclable materials such as aluminum and steel in our products to limit their potential impact. Our environmental philosophy is taken into account at every stage of product development through our Design For Environment process. The Durability and Upgradeability of products is also considered – we build products to last, so they won’t need to be replaced often. 

But our brand “dolphineco” design is only the beginning of our environmental sustainability efforts. We also examine our supply chain, manufacturing facilities, showrooms and offices to evaluate our evolution in minimizing our impact. We monitor our greenhouse gas emissions, waste, energy use and other key metrics that indicate our progress. 

LONGWIN uses sustainable business practices and processes that minimize waste and prevent pollution, conserve energy, minimize our carbon footprint, minimize health and safety risks and dispose of waste safely and responsibly. We take all appropriate steps to ensure that we meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Our approach to sustainability is research based and measurable. As our principles are applied, we monitor the impact of our actions and work toward continual improvement. Environmental issues are taken into consideration across business units in the following ways:


LONGWIN believe good design achieves more with less. Performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary outcomes of good design. By striving for simpler, more elegant design solutions, we minimize the materials and energy required.  LONGWIN team considers the impact on the environment from the extraction of raw materials, through manufacturing, use and disposal.


We actively work to prevent pollution produced for our eco brand “dolphineco” which has a goal to divert 100% of facility waste from the landfill. This will be achieved by monitoring the sources of waste and their disposal like reusable packaging and shipping materials. We also identify the best possible disposal option, refurbishing product for reuse when we can and recycling the majority of waste from the suppliers. Our products are robust enough to last a long time, and we provide upgrades and replacement components so they will last even longer. Integrating timeless design with use ensures a longer product lifespan. While an alternative product may be replaced several times over the life span of our products, the longer life span of our products greatly reduces their impact on the environment. Whenever possible, our design team chooses materials that have recycled content and that are readily recyclable, like steel and aluminum. We consider the ease of disassembly of our products to facilitate recycling at the end of the product’s life span, further reducing the impact of our manufacturing on the environment. 


In keeping with our corporate policy of continuous improvement, we are committed to responsible energy management and practice energy efficiency throughout our organization. We continually monitor the energy use of our sales offices and our suppliers and evaluate improvement against a historical baseline. 


We asked our suppliers to continuously reduce or eliminate hazardous chemical content during the production of our eco brand “dolphineco”. Chemicals used throughout the manufacturing facilities, from manufacturing processes, finishing and assembly and even the janitorial cleaners, are assessed and replaced with greener solutions whenever possible. Our goal is to establish a constructive dialogue regarding environmental issues with all interested parties.


LONGWIN team operates within an international network of suppliers and vendors. Recognizing our ability to influence these suppliers, we have begun a program to leverage this influence for sourcing sustainable materials, and increasing human rights protection throughout our supply chain. We are systematically reaching out to all our suppliers to inquire on their sustainable practices, their ability to source green material alternatives, such as recycled or bio-based materials and their policies and procedures for employee health and safety, hours worked and working conditions. We then use this information in our purchasing decisions to support environmentally responsible vendors.


LONGWIN also has a strong commitment to transparency in the ingredients of the material used to make “dolphineco” products.  

we are committed to using healthy materials.

Understanding and being transparent about what’s in our materials is the first step to driving change. We are taking a proactive role in identifying all of the ingredients in “dolphineco” product line. We are working with our suppliers at all levels to identify and evaluate the ingredients in our products, packaging, manufacturing processes, and key partners in our supply chain.