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Desk Converter
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    With the rapid development of the world economy and the satisfaction of material culture, health has increasingly become the focus of public attention. Occupational diseases caused by prolonged office work have gradually been paid attention to by the public.
    Accompanied by workers’ calls for health, Desk Converter have gradually entered thousands of homes and office buildings, becoming a new trend of healthy office for a while.

    1.Why choose the Desk Converter?
    There is always one reason to impress you:
    ① The office style of sitting and standing alternately protects the health of the spine
    Sitting for a long time in office is very harmful. Long-term sitting posture will cause the weight of the whole body to press on the bottom of the spine, which will easily cause stiffness of the cervical spine. It is more likely to cause obesity, memory loss, loss of appetite and gynecological diseases.

    Desk Converter

    ② Adjustable height, use in all scenes
    Since the Desk Converter can be raised and lowered, users can freely adjust the height of the Desk Converter within a certain range. Due to differences in height and personal usage habits, everyone has different height requirements for tables and chairs.
    The table and storage space of a family are often limited, but the Desk Converter can achieve the maximum configuration and maximum utilization within the limited resources. Whether it is a children’s desk or an adult office desk, or a leisure and entertainment computer desk, the lifting desk can be satisfied and perfect.

    Folding Dual Monitor Standup Laptop Desk Converter

    ③ Wide range of uses, full of creativity
    Does the Desk only be used for writing and reading? There are so many usage scenarios for Desk Converters that are beyond imagination. The height-adjustable table can not only be used to sit and become a chair for playing, but also can be used to stand and become a pedal for housework.

    ④ Elegant appearance
    The simple design, clear and generous desk board, just put it casually, can add color to the interior decoration, it can be described as a master of beauty. The liftable design can fit every detail of the decoration, no need to worry about customizing the height, and no need to make a second customization when changing the style. The Desk Converter is your personal and exclusive customization.

    2.How to choose the Desk Converter?
    After talking about why you should choose to use the desk, let me recommend a high-quality Desk Converter for you. The model number of this Desk Converter is SDC-B08-1. This model has four colors: White, Black, Oak and Maple.

    Height Adjustable Desk Converter Stand

    And It is worth mentioning that this product is raised and lowered by a built-in high-quality gas spring. And It made of 15mm MDF with PVC. You can also adjust the height freely to achieve standing office and take care of your health.

    In April, a customer from the Philippines asked me about this Desk Converter. After I introduced this product to him in detail, the customer decided to order samples from me. Just a few days ago, this customer received our product and expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the product and expressed his hope that he could continue to purchase a large number of products.

    Our customers are satisfied with the Desk Converter quality

    At the end, If you are interested about this kind of product, Please free feel to contact us. Dewin will help you to win more : )


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