Lifting Desk: Standing is the new sitting

Height Adjustable Sit To Stand Standing Desk
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    According to the World Health Organization, more than 2 million people have various serious physical problems and even death due to sedentary and inactivity every year. But with the popularization of computer office, it is bound to be accompanied by prolonged sitting and less standing. Lumbar disc herniation, spondylosis, obesity, and cardiovascular disease will inevitably become new common occupational diseases due to prolonged sitting. How to effectively reduce the risk of disease? Professional researchers recommend getting up and moving for 15 minutes for every hour or so of sitting.

    But obviously, the modern office system cannot meet our needs, and we often forget to stand up and move because of the focus on work. What to do? Fortunately, based on this, industry researchers innovated and invented a lifting desk on time, which is specially designed to improve the bad experience of sedentary office workers in the workplace. The height-adjustable desk also has a timing function. You can freely choose to adjust the height of the desk according to your height, or you can choose to set a time for your desk to remind you to stand up and relax.

    Height Adjustable Sit To Stand Standing Desk

    The height adjustment of the lift table in different gears can meet your various posture needs for standing, sitting, and resting, so that young people no longer need to pay attention to health issues while working, full of comfort. Not only that, but the lift table also has a sense of luxury and luxury. Modern machinery replaces the table in the traditional definition, just full of technology. What’s the reason you don’t like such a lift table?

    Make standing a new office posture and give your health an extra layer of protection. Trust Dewin Technology, and give you the most ideal office state.


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